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Individual Therapy

If you have come to a point in your life where you feel that it is time to do something for yourself, to become more conscious and to solve the problem zones in your life, I would like to accompany you. Perhaps you are in the middle of a life crisis or you are looking for answers to your current life situation, be it relationships, psychological stress, a traumatic experience, loss or separation.  

Or your body gives you signals.  These may be chronic pain or psychosomatic disorders.  Often these are invitations to solve something on the psychological level, which has been manifested in the physical body.  These include depression, panic attacks and burn-outs.  

I believe when we face difficult times in life they can be of great challenge but as well an invitation to heal something within ourselves and connect us to a deeper place inside. Therapy awareness work can help you take a different perspective in your life.  Bringing awareness to what is limiting you and what makes you suffer naturally opens a bigger space within you.  You can gain a deeper understanding about your inner thinking and feeling processes, which in turn create your emotions and your reality.  It allows you to solve restrictive blockages that have previously held you to live your very potential and to be connected to your essence. 

Together we will look at the causes of your current situation and it's problem.  With empathy, appreciation and absolute discretion, I accompany you in your personal awareness and healing process to regain your inner balance, more courage and more self-love, which ultimately will give you more joy in your life.

I look forward to meeting you.


Sherilyn Dalke

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