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As a psychotherapist, I meet you where you are, honoring your unique life experiences and offering strategies that address your specific needs.

I practice listening with curiosity and respect to support your capacity for self-awareness, growth and well-being. I incorporate evidence based practice but also employ techniques such as expressive arts therapy, yoga and/or other movement interventions, breath work, mindfulness and somatic body based psychotherapy.

Through learning how to tune into your body and gain more self-awareness you will be better able to connect with yourself, friends, partners and your environment.

I primarily work with adolescents and adults.  I am a Somatic Experiencing and EMDR Practitioner that provides a naturalistic approach to healing trauma.


I specialize in helping girls and women who are experiencing life changes, and those healing from trauma, abuse or painful relationship patterns.

I consider myself as a fellow traveler, working on my own growth and transformation, while in service to my clients. Supporting others along the way in their suffering and joy has been integral to my journey.


Whatever issues you are dealing with I am confident we can handle them together, moving in a direction towards lasting change.


I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Tabor College.  I then pursued my Master's in Counseling from Emporia State University and my Master's in Human Resources Management from Webster University.  I have practiced as a therapist and counselor for several years in community based mental health settings and public school settings working with children, adolescents and adults. 

Working as a therapist, I knew that many people have a surprising amount of emotional trauma in their energy field that lies below their conscious awareness.  

Several years ago I was ready to embark on my personal journey to release all unconscious blocks, physical and emotional wounds that I had encountered throughout my life.  

I utilized a holistic approach and recognized the importance of incorporating the mind, body and spirit by using mindfulness based approaches. My process for healing also involved nutritional and lifestyle changes.  

An important aspect of my healing came from mindfulness based meditation practices to include Reiki and I have been practicing mindfulness ever since.  The last several years of inner work have led to a deepened self-awareness, greater self-acceptance and love for myself and others.  

I decided to take the art of mindfulness one step further and was certified internationally as a spiritual meditation facilitator in 2013 by well respected spiritual leaders in India.

I incorporate into my therapy practice the mindfulness based approaches

I have used to heal my emotional trauma. 

Sherilyn Dalke  LCPC

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