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Sherilyn Dalke

"I consider myself a fellow traveler, working on my own growth and transformation, while in service to my clients.

Supporting others along the way in their suffering and joy has been integral to my journey.

Whatever issues you are dealing with I am confident we can handle them together, moving in a direction towards lasting change."

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Evenings, weekend and video conferencing by appointment

Do you feel stuck in life and not sure how to get going? Do you feel detached and estranged from others?  Do you feel fear and dread more than joy and happiness? Do you suffer from anxiety attacks? Do you feel robbed of your childhood? Is something missing in your life but you cannot figure out what?

My holistic therapy practice is a safe place for children, teens and adults to work through their issues at their own pace. Both traditional and alternative approaches are used to heal at your deepest level.


You will return to a place of inner peace and calm, feeling grounded and more relaxed. 


You will feel a greater connection with others,  sleep better, be more confident, and feel more energized. 


Your life will have meaning. 


You will return to your authentic self ~ the self you were meant to be.


Holistic psychotherapy is traditional talk therapy combined with attention to the body, emotions, mind and spirit.  We are not only thinking beings but physical, emotional and spiritual. 


"I believe all 4 areas need to be addressed to heal."  


In addition to talking with my clients, I teach deep breathing, guided meditation, movement and grounding techniques.

Sherilyn Dalke LCPC

Therapy Sessions

Wellness Therapies for:


Anger Management


Behavioral Issues

Bipolar Disorder

Child or Adolescent

Coping Skills



Domestic Abuse

Family Conflict




Life Transitions

Marital and Premarital




Relationship Issues

School Issues

Self Esteem

Sleep or Insomnia




Women's Issues

I took a 6 week course through Sherilyn's series of artistic expression and felt so vibrant and loved through group bonding.
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